Running Reposearch locally

Here you can download a pre-build version of Reposearch for running on your local machine. Java 7 needs to be installed on your system to be able to run Reposearch.

Download 1-click runnable reposearch (file-based h2 db)

There are some todo’s (see issue 49 on yellowgrass), but you can download the latest reposearch zip archive with tomcat and 1-click run script from our build farm. Currently, you must first change permissions on all sh files in the tomcat7x/bin dir to be executable, and for the run script in the root folder.

Download link

Initialize admin user

When Reposearch is running, it is accessible at at http://localhost:8080/reposearch. You first need to initialize the administrator user. You will be redirected to the admin initialization page when trying to log in for the first time (admin login link in footer). Or you can go to the website address of the web application followed by /init (e.g. localhost:8080/reposearch/init).

Now setup the administrator account by providing a username and password. Now you can start adding projects and repositories.